5 Proven Ways on How to Relieve Muscle Soreness Fast

5 Proven Ways on How to Relieve Muscle Soreness Fast

One of the least desirable outcomes of exercise is muscle soreness. Depending on the intensity of your workout, muscle soreness can hinder day to day activities. 

Muscle soreness can also happen if you have been restless, have a bad posture or have done physical activity after a long pause. Either way painful muscles can become truly a problem if they aren't treated on time. 

Here are some proven ways to help relieve muscle soreness in no time. 

How to Relieve Muscle Soreness Fast?

Before we move ahead with how to fix sore muscles and to relieve muscle tension. It is important to learn more about the types of muscle pains involved. 

  • Acute Muscle Soreness - Something we experience immediately after exercising or doing a hectic task. 
  • Delayed onset Muscle Soreness - A muscular pain that we experience after an onset of 24 hours. 

There are different ways in which muscle soreness can be relieved. 

1. Replenish your Body with important Electrolytes and Antioxidants 

Studies suggest that consuming antioxidant rich foods immediately after working out promotes muscular tension relief and helps in maintenance of a healthy heart rate. 

There are many good organic electrolyte drinks available, but the most preferable drink and foods are often found at home. From berries to a strong salted lemonade can be good enough options for your antioxidant balance. 

2. If you are Experiencing Exercise Sore Muscle, Massage your Pain

One of the best tools to release muscular tension and aches is foam roller. It also helps in easing connective tissues of the body. You can also find massage rollers around you  that are specifically designed to release muscle tightness.

If this all sounds a bit too fancy and yet you are still looking for ways on how to treat sore muscles after a workout then you can ask someone to massage your muscle pain points. All you have to do is get some good oil and thoroughly massage it with some pressure point in your muscle pain area. 

3. Sleep at least 8 hours to allow your Body to Heal your Muscles

The management of sleep cannot be stressed enough. Sleep is critical for your healing and muscle recovery. While you are asleep, your body sets in to nourish cellular regeneration, tissue healing and muscle buildup.

It may not feel like an immediate effect on your body but it certainly will heal muscle soreness and pain over the long term. 

4. Soak yourself in Magnesium and Epsom Salt Baths 

Nothing is more refreshing than a long relaxing salt bath, especially if you have sore muscles. Using magnesium chloride flakes can be very good for the muscle recovery process. It not only targets your connective body tissues but it also helps with strong muscle building. Similarly epsom bath soak can help you in drawing out toxins from your body that might be causing muscle tension. 

For best results make sure to regularly use salt soaks as a means of re-energizing your body. You can also go for foot soaks if full body soak is not your cup of tea. Some people also prefer using salt scrubs instead of bath soaks. It really depends on what you want.

5. Hydrate Yourself at All Times 

The best way to overcome any muscle tension in your body is through regular hydration. Drinking water in little intervals after an intense workout will usually ease down the muscle soreness process.

Timely hydration will also help in flushing out harmful toxins, by products  from your body. Dehydration can elevate your muscular pain, so always have a water bottle to carry with yourself at all times. 


Why Your muscles sore after workout?

Feeling a bit of muscle soreness after a good workout is a sign that you have worked out well. When we put tension on our muscles, they tend to build themselves faster and stronger, giving strength to our overall body. 

Can You get rid of sore muscles overnight?

Minor muscular pain is easily treatable after using a couple of ice packs and salt soaks. If you have worked out after a very long time then, you must experience muscle soreness for a few days as a form of recovery. If the pain persists or turns into a bruise, you should immediately consult a doctor.

How to reduce soreness after a workout?

A salt bath soak is the most effective and fast way of giving instant relief to your sore muscles. Having an instant ice bath, or massaging your skin with ice is also an effective way of reducing muscle pain. 

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