Why Coach Soak is the Best Bath Soak for Athletes? 

Why Coach Soak is the Best Bath Soak for Athletes? 

4,416 ratings and hundreds of positive reviews later, Coach Soak is officially the best ‘Amazon’s Pick’ for professional athletes! 

Curious to know why? 

Let's start with testimonials first! 

I'd been dealing with a rare joint condition and while waiting for surgery struggled to find relief from natural, non narcotic options. I've always loved Epsom salts and this Coach Soak was life changing for me. My joints have been replaced and I'm antsy waiting til I can safely soak again ! Lol - Shari Lynn

This is a pure and natural product I love. Coach said I have ordered it probably five or six times. It is expensive but it is pure and has essential oils, vitamin C crystals and Epsom salt or sea salts. All of the different ones are pure essential oils that have just a nice clean smell. And you don’t need to use a ton of them at one time so it’s worth the cost to get something that actually works and you feel like you’re getting your money's worth. This is a very high-quality product and works well after a workout or anytime you need tension relief! This is probably one of my favourite things I order from Amazon I highly recommend that you will not be disappointed” - Robyn

The product smells amazing… It’s a light lavender scent and the aroma is very calming. It definitely helps to soothe muscles as I’ve been working out rigorously for the last two weeks and could barely walk before I got this. In addition it dissolves very quickly and does not leave residue in the tub! I definitely recommend and will be ordering more, possibly the other scents just to try them out! - Amazon Customer 

Now that you are somehow convinced, here is why a bath soak is as essential. Consider coach soak, as an essential starter kit of your workout regime. Vigorous physical activity and coach soak’s unique blend for muscle recovery goes hand in hand, and we are to tell you why. 

Benefits of Coach Soak for Athletes and Physical Trainers

Bath salts have been around for centuries. From ancient preserving remedies, to modern relaxing luxury, bath salts is one trend that is never going to go out of style. More importantly for bath salts diverse benefits

Coach soak blend is rich in magnesium flakes. It consists of magnesium chloride as the primary source of magnesium adsorption. Magnesium is one of the fourth most vital mineral for our cellular functioning. With low levels of magnesium, your body can experience delayed muscular recovery or even regeneration if the required concentration of magnesium is not recovered. 

Coach soak’s unique blend specifically targets maximum magnesium absorption, which is why magnesium chloride is used in the form of flakes. These flakes are highly concentrated in magnesium and instantly relieves any muscular inflammation within your body. Here is what one of our customers experienced with their muscular recovery. 

I would definitely recommend this soak to anyone who has any aches and pains or sore muscles. I tore my ligaments and tendons in my right foot and I have to tell you even though it doesn’t smell the best it works wonders. So please take it from me it works.”- Constance King

Why is Muscle Recovery Important for Athletes and Professional Trainers 

After a rigorous workout or training session, your muscles are likely to be flooded with oxidative stress such as the buildup of  lactic acid. Removal of lactic acid is important to keep muscle glycogen and blood glucose levels in control and running. It is also important to understand the difference between taking physical rest and investing your time and energy in conscious muscle recovery. 

Muscle recovery using magnesium flakes can drastically improve blood regulation that in result allows more accumulation of oxygen in muscles. Your cardiac cycle improves, your blood pressure levels are normalised and your blood cells are more rapidly produced when you train again. 

Muscle recovery creates more space for cellular restoration everytime you train. This means that your body is under regular cellular replenishment through faster cellular systems. 

With regular remedy of muscle recovery, the chances of your sore muscle tear trims down with longer stamina and higher performance. 

How to Use Coach Soak Muscle Recovery Bath Soak?

Due to the fine high quality magnesium flakes used, coach soak muscle recovery bath soak can be used in multiple ways.

You can either use it as a traditional bath soak, as a skin compress or in DIY recipes

For bath soak, all you have to do is scoop half cup of coach soak magnesium flakes and add it in running warm bathwater. Make sure the bath water is shallow enough to cover your painful muscles. You do not have to add any essential oils or any other extra ingredient, as everything is already present in the coach soak recipe.

For Skin Compress

Simply place some flakes and place them on your aching muscle area. Now take a hot steam towel and place it above the sprinkled magnesium flakes. Keep the towel in place for 15-20 minutes. When the towel cools down, replace the cooled down towel with hot towel compress. Repeat this procedure a couple of times to allow instant muscle pain relief. 

For DIY Body Scrub 

Blend coach soak salt with fresh aloe vera gel and a lightweight oil. Mix it well and store it in an airtight glass container to keep the body scrub formula fresh and effective. The gentle coarseness of the coach soaks bath salt is just the right consistency to scrub extra dead cells and sweat away, while still giving you the best books of magnesium absorption. 

Recovery is Not a One-Fit-All 

Recovery is also about getting the right sleep, taking frequent breaks and keeping up with rich consistent nutritious food. Although coach soak bath salt formula has 21 mineral blends to nourish your muscles in the best soothing way possible, taking care of your overall body health is also equally important! 

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