Coach Soak Recovery Spray - Magnesium Oil Spray

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Customer Reviews

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The T.C.
Lightweight and Relief

I have achy muscles after working a long shift so I thought I’d give this a try. I like the label and packaging and it’s great knowing this was made in the USA.I sprayed some on my knees and worked it in and it was cool and then my soreness disappeared. I was so impressed and then applied it to other achy muscles and I was able to sleep so good I wasn’t in pain and best part is there is NO smell.I love this stuff and it will be a daily thing after every 12 hour shift

The G.
Bye Charlie horse

I didn't know this was a thing I'm so happy I came across this is really changed the Charlie horse game

Roshi M.M.
A different approach to soreness

I'm always looking for ways to address muscle soreness or bruises from bumping table ends in more natural ways. My friend told me about MSM and I found this magnesium spray with MSM. It's easy to use. It's very thin so it will run if not rubbed in after application. It's a great value because you get a full, good sized, bottle. High quality natural ingredients. It has no scent at all. After a few treatments, I did feel reduced pain in my hamstring. Happy I took the leap and tried this product.

I p\ordered this for one specific purpose... then discovered a benefit I never expected.

I ordered this for one specific need: Excruciatingly painful leg cramps at night, while I sleep. Having done a bit of online research, I discovered that many people were recommending Magnesium. I'm a Magnesium fan, and decided something topical would do the trick.Putting this oil on my calves and thighs at night is a lot like going for a relaxing massage. The oil has that sort of viscosity. It feels good putting it on, and though it may be coincidence... no leg cramps yet.But there was an unexpected benefit I never expected. I put some of this oil on my forearms to treat dry skin. It did an amazing job moisturizing, and it did so quickly. But the real surprise was how great it was at brightening up older tattoos. I mean it made my tired old tats look vivid & bright once more.I can say that I'm very pleased with this product. It's done more than live up to my expectations. I think it's a great value, since you use so little thanks to the sprayer-head pump bottle.

Easy to use sprayer

I use this Coach Soak Magnesium Oil Spray with MSM at night on my legs, it's oily and takes a little time to soak in but I give my legs a good massage while applying it. My legs do feel a little gritty if I apply too much. I like the size of the bottle and I like the sprayer. I really didn't detect any scent.