8 Refreshing Ways to Detox your Body for a Healthy You!

8 Refreshing Ways to Detox your Body for a Healthy You!

How to detox your Body? - the next hit question of the decade 

Detox has been the new buzzword lately, and what's better than information flooding on the internet. Right?! Actually..NO!

Well take this as another cue to ACTUALLY understand what is detoxifying, how to detoxify and most importantly how to detox your body. People are often confused on how detoxification is helpful for our overall health. In this elaborative guide we will walk step by step on what can help with body detoxification, how to have detox baths and benefits of a detox bath. 

Let's begin. 

What is Detoxify?

In simplest form of understanding, detoxifying implies getting rid of toxins. And when health is concerned, then it means a biological procedure of getting rid of toxins. You must have heard or read a great deal about foot detox, body detox, detox bath, detoxifying foods, detox massage and the best detox baths to remove toxins etc. these terms indicate practices that help in getting rid of harmful toxins of our body. 

You see, like all manufacturing units, our body also has one. You must know this process by the name of metabolic activity. During our metabolic activity, certain toxins flush out of our body that can otherwise create toxicity in our body. Fortunately our bodies are well-equipped in understanding what to detoxify and how to detox your body. 

In this article we are not going to learn about any other promising detox systems. But rather going to understand how the body's natural detoxification system can be optimised. 

How to Detox your Body 

1. Liquid Intake 

Whenever someone asks me how to detoxify. My first response is to drink more water. Water is nature's gift to us. And no that is not my sentiment speaking. The amazing nutrient absorption, body temperature regulation and removal of body’s waste products are all essential body mechanisms achieved through water. Regular water detox helps in flushing of harmful chemicals from our blood. 

 In order for our body to function optimally, water continually works in removing waste from our body. The average daily intake for a good body detox requires 3.7 liters of consumption for men and 2.7 liters for women. You may need more water for body detox depending on where you live, what your local temperature and your overall activity level. 

2. Limit Alcohol 

The first best practice to start when searching for what to detoxify? Not feeding your body something unnatural. Our liver is majorly responsible for the metabolites of alcohol. Our liver already identifies the chemicals produced from alcohol as harmful toxins. 

Excessive drinking can lead to fast accumulation of harmful toxins in your liver. For example, fat buildup, inflammation of soft tissues of the liver are some common risk factors associated with alcohol. This can lead to other failed body functions such as filtering waste and other harmful chemicals from your body. 

3. Eating Antioxidant Rich Foods

One of the best ways to detox your body is through what you eat. Since food is the fuel to our body, foods that are antioxidants in nature protect our cells against free radicals. Antioxidants help in detoxifying our cells naturally. They protect us against developing diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, heart disease, liver damage and even some types of cancer. 

Some common antioxidants found to help detoxify our body are vitamin A, vitamin C and E, selenium, lutein etc. most people recommend getting it through supplements however the best way in achieving it is through a balanced nutrient rich diet. Berries, fruits, nuts, spices and natural beverages like coffee and green teas are some of the richest antioxidant food groups.

4. Getting Enough Sleep

A good quality sleep is the best way to give your body a break and to fully detoxify it before gearing up for a new day. Sleeping allows your brain to reorganize itself and remove toxic byproducts. With lack of sleep, our body builds up on toxins impacting other several aspects of our health. 

One of the best ways to detoxify is to light some sweet lavender candle, spray your pillow with a light mist for a soothing effect. If you have trouble sleeping you must also consider taking a bath salt soak to relieve muscle tension. A good bath soak is also considered as one of the most relaxing forms of body detox. 

5. Green Tea 

If you come from Asian household you must know that the one answer to what is detoxify stands for green tea. From delicious hibiscus blends, to delightful fruit flavours, green teas have one of the best hits in the past decade. A green tea detox is made with a special all-natural blend of green tea herbs that is then diluted with warm water and consumed in small batches. 

What makes green tea such a charmer when it comes to body detox is it being rich in antioxidants. Studies show that having green tea regularly can actually give a boost of immunity and helps in flushing of harmful toxins from your liver

6. Use All Natural Products 

One way to enhance body detoxification is using all natural detox products in your daily skin regime. You should limit your commercial cleaning products and opt for all organic natural soaps, shampoos and body washes. 

If you are getting confused about how to detoxify with natural products; you can simply start with buying a set of basic essential oils. Burning them or massaging them with a natural carrier oil can also improve your mood and help in destressing. 

7. Physical Activity 

When you get your blood pumping, a lot of harmful toxins get excreted on their own. Studies show that light to moderate physical activity can favourably boost your immune health

Remember our body is already a big system of natural detoxification. We have natural lymph drainage systems that are designed to stimulate our bodily functions. If you are new to exercise and are clueless on how to start. Simply dedicate 30 mins to brisk walking in the early morning or evening. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated in no time. 

8. Using Nutrient Rich Diet

Cleaning your diet is the first step in understanding what to detoxify. Leafy veggies, less saturated meats, organic poultry, fruits and nuts are some amazing natural detox foods for your health. 

Simple clean eating will naturally detox your body from any toxins. To complete your initial detox process, start with a green smoothie. All you have to do is chuck in all the greenery you can find in your kitchen. Baby spinach, cucumbers, celery, ginger and lemon are some of my favourite greens for healthy detox. 

Now that we are through on understanding what is detoxify and how to detoxify through altering some lifestyle habits. There is also another quick way of instantly detoxifying your body. 

If you are suffering from muscle cramps or an overall low energy, a detox bath is the best way to detox your body in 24 hours! Here is how you can do it! 

How to take Detox Bath 

To begin with, start with warm running water in your tub. As your bathtub fills, add in half a cup of coconut oil and a few drops of lavender oil. You can switch up these oils to your own liking. Next take 2 full cups of bath salt and evenly spread it in your bathtub. Mix the water with your hand or foot. Now comfortably immerse yourself in the tub and enjoy your bath soak for upto 30-40 minutes. 

You can also add other alternatives to your bath soak for an enhanced detox effect. 

Some of my favourites are using mixed herbs and dried flower petals, apple cider vinegar and milk soak if you are suffering from dry skin in winters. 

Benefits of Detox Bath 

Well the benefits of a detox bath are immense. A simple detox bath can actually give you more boost of energy than consuming energy supplements. One of the best detox baths to remove toxins happens to be numerous in health benefits.  Some amazing benefits of detox bath to look out for are;

  • Having a stronger immunity 
  • Prevents skin complications like eczema and psoriasis 
  • Relieves muscle tension and soreness
  • Helps with congestion 
  • Improves mood and triggers muscle relaxation 
  • Enhances blood circulation and relaxation
  • Acts as a detox and maintains a healthy skin barrier 
  • Helps in good absorption of magnesium and other nutrients

Now that we have learnt a great deal on how to detox your body. Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to detox baths. 

What comes out of your body when you detox?

 All the harmful toxins are flushed out of your body through a process known as osmosis. This is why it is highly encouraged to have bath soaks or detox baths from time to time. 

What does a detox bath do for your body?

A detox bath literally pulls out poisonous substances through your skin while at the same time allowing good nutrients and salts such as magnesium to be fully absorbed in your skin. 

How to cleanse your body?

One of the best ways to detox clean your body apart from bath salt soak is using bath salts as scrubs under shower. You can also consider using foot soaks for maximum foot detoxification. 

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