Magnesium Flakes vs Epsom Salt - Which One Should You Buy?

Magnesium Flakes vs Epsom Salt - Which One Should You Buy?

Magnesium flakes or epsom salts? What is the difference between these two?

Magnesium flakes and epsom salts both are used to relax your muscles. Epsom salts and magnesium are both rich in different forms of magnesium actives and are equally beneficial for your overall health. 

So what really sets them apart? You might be surprised to learn the one key difference between these two.. Let’s find out!

Epsom Salts - What do they do?

Epsom salts are a popular bath item luxury that have been used for decades to relax and unwind muscles after a long physically intense day. Epsom salt is naturally found in the rocks of magnesium and sulphate, which is why it’s a rich source of magnesium. 

Magenium is well known for its muscle relaxant properties and can greatly help with muscle soreness and recovery. In fact, magenium has a number of benefits such as;

  • Naturally increasing strength and performance  
  • Helps in exercise recovery 
  • Reducing skin inflammation and irritation 
  • Maintaining heart health 
  • Increasing energy levels naturally 
  • Improving quality of sleep 

Magnesium Flakes - What are they and how do they differ from Epsom Salt?

Magnesium flakes are yet another popular bath soak as it is a refined form of magnesium. What sets it apart from epsom salt is its better absorption of magnesium. Magnesium flakes are usually more recommended for muscle recovery. Here is how magnesium flakes differ from epsom salts; 

Magnesium Chloride vs Magnesium Sulphate - Which one is richer? 

If you must know, having different forms of magnesium can play a crucial role in the right magnesium absorption. Magnesium chloride is also found in the common table salt that we use in our daily foods, which is why magnesium chloride is more adapted by our bodies during absorption. 

Magnesium flakes are concentrated in magnesium chloride at high heat that makes them much more saturated in magnesium as bath salts, whereas epsom salts naturally have magnesium chloride and can have varying composition of magnesium chloride based on how they have been treated before being packaged. 

Magnesium Flakes vs Epsom Salt - Which one is more pure? 

When it comes down to consistency, flakes have proven to be a better option in terms of magnesium concentration. Research also suggests magnesium chloride to be effective in magnesium absorption with lower toxicity. Magnesium chloride is also better prone to absorption and has a wider spectrum of magnesium benefits. The granular texture of salts on the other hand can be better used for foot baths or being used in salt body scrubs. 

Magnesium Flakes vs Epsom Salt - Which one to choose? 

If you go through vigorous physical activity, especially as an athlete or have muscle injury, then you should definitely invest in a good magnesium flake (magnesium chloride) bath soak for fast muscle recovery. You should also have an epsom salt for occasional bath soak and can even whip up a DIY scrub fast! Either way both are an excellent source of magnesium, should you choose to make it a part of your daily routine. 

Get your Magnesium Fix with Coach Soak! 

Coach soak bath soaks are enriched with the highest quality of magnesium flakes that are super fast to absorb, helping in relieving muscle cramps and pain. The Coach Soak recipe also has 21 essential minerals including potassium, sodium and calcium that aids in fast muscle recovery, wound healing and overall body detox. You can also choose the blend of your choice based on different pure essential oils used in the mix.

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